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Queen incubator

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Main supply: 230V
Shelf quantity: 3 shelves
Queen cells quantity: 220-250 in relation to the type of the frame.
Shelf dimension: width: 560 mm, depth: 370 mm, height: 1300 mm.
External dimension: 900x500, height: 750 mm.

After a few tests, the modernization of our incubator, has led us to improve the fuzzy logic algorithm. As a result, we received a much more accurate method for determining the temperature (from 0,5°C to 0,1°C) and humidity (from 4% to 1%). The alteration of our system responsible for the ventilation of the humidity's circulation, enables a meticulous condition distribution inside the incubator. The electro valve control is an additional function. It transfers the the liquid to the humidifier. We introduced a new type of alarm, which warns against opened doors. Also, it has a emergency shutdown installed in case of any threats such as: surges, humidity increase. All the information is well presented on the display using OLED technology. More ports added in order to have it connected to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or server.