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The beekeeping company „Lyson” has been in business since 1994. Our main office and production plant are based in Kety in Poland. We have been manufacturing beekeeping equipment since the very beginning, constantly improving and expanding our offer.

We offer a wide range of honey extractors, creaming, uncapping and dispensing equipment. All our products are compliant with Declaration Of Conformity and are Health Quality certified. 

They come with 2-year manufacturer's warranty as standard.

Our products are well known and widely recognised within the beekeeping industry. 

Thanks to our commitment to deliver top of the range quality devices and our constant strive to provide the highest level of customer service, our products have been awarded many international prizes. 

Gold medal at 2011 Polagra Tech International Fair in Poznan – pumping, dosing and creaming honey. 

Innovation in Beekeeping Award at the international exhibition in Pleven, Bulgaria.

As a truly innovative company, we are also the main producer of polystyrene hives. 

Our wide scope of products includes small beekeeping equipment i.e. Queens breeding equipment, beekeeping clothing and other items neccessary for the proper running of the apiary. 

We are very active in the field of apiculture, always trying to widen our knowledge in order to better serve our customers. We take part in all major symposiums on the apiculture and participate in beekeeping related events, organised by the beekeeping associations. The company has a well-developed distribution network across the country and maintains business contacts with partners in most European countries and beyond.

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We encourage everybody to watch movies about our company and our products' range as well as for viewing all our recorded retransmissions from different venues.

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